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Cabinetry and Plumbing

Do you sell cabinets?

No, but we have a list of vendors that we work with frequently if you need any recommendations.


Can you remove my existing cabinets?

We can remove some existing cabinets and minor repairs. Since we guarantee all of our labor, if there is something that we cannot warrant for you, we can recommend the proper contractor. We do not offer installation of cabinets. Check with your salesperson on what you would like changed and we can determine the best option for you. There is also an additional fee for the removal of cabinets.

Can you level my cabinets?

We may have to level or shim cabinets depending on their installation.

Do my cabinets need to be reinforced to support granite countertops?

Prior to installation, reinforcement and support of granite will be discussed if needed, but generally, most cabinets do not require any type of reinforcement to support granite countertops.

How long can my granite overhang without needing to be supported?

We generally recommend 10 inches maximum for a granite overhang and 12 inches maximum for a quartz overhang without any additional support. It is a general rule of thumb not to have more than 2/3 of the stone unsupported. However, we have newer options to add support without brackets or corbels.

Can I use my own sink?

Yes, but the sink has to be brought to the shop prior to us cutting your material. We also have a selection of sinks to choose from if you don’t already have a sink.

Who does the plumbing once my countertops are installed?

Our installation crew will unhook your current water lines; however, a licensed plumber is required to reconnect your drains, faucets and garbage disposals.

We are happy to coordinate our schedule with our recommended plumbers or your preferred plumber to ease the process for you.