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Care and Maintenance

How do I care for my natural stone countertops?

We recommend using mild anti-bacterial dish soap and warm water. Avoid using acidic products and harsh chemicals. It is important to clean up all spills with a soft cloth as quickly as possible, as natural stone can stain.

How often do my countertops need to be resealed?

You can never seal your natural stone too much, so you can discuss with your salesperson in more detail of the amount of use with your stone. We use a high-quality sealer for better longer protection on all our applications, therefore in normal use, we recommend resealing your granite and marble every 2 years.

Will heat damage my countertops?

Natural stone countertops will not melt like traditional laminate countertops, but we don’t recommend placing direct heat on them, as it can cause discoloration and thermal shock.

Can I use knives on my natural stone countertops?

It is best to use a cutting board when possible. Your knives can be damaged when used on granite and quartz and we do not recommend using them directly on marble.

Is there a warranty on my material?

Our manufacturers carry a warranty against any defects in the natural stone material. Cut In Stone LLC warrants our fabrication and installation for one year. However, our service to you does not end after the warranty. Please contact us with any questions or concerns.

Can my countertops be repaired if they get damaged?

It depends on the extent of the damage. We can fix minor chips and cracks, buffing of minor scratches, and minimal discoloration.