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Templating and Installation

Is there a travel fee?

Travel is included within 50 miles. We are available for travel outside of this range for an additional fee.

Can I provide my own measurements?

Yes, but you must sign a template release form stating that we are not liable if the measurements are incorrect. Download the template release form here.

What should I do prior to templating and installation day?

Before the templating/installation crew arrives, cabinets must be installed and level, existing countertops must be clear, and the sink and appliances must be on site.  It is important to take the time to verify material color, edge detail, sink selection, and measurements while the technician is onsite. You will be given this information from our office or your salesperson. You can also download the complete information here.

Can I keep my existing backsplash?

Yes. We can work around existing tile backsplash.

Will my walls be protected during installation?

There may be minor touch-ups that need to be done to the walls depending on how the current countertops are fastened, but we will do everything in our effort to protect them. If any touch-ups need to be done, it is the responsibility of the customer.

Do I have to be home for installation?

No. We will call to let you know when the installation team has arrived if you cannot be home at the time of installation. Arrangements must be made for the technicians to enter the house, and a release agreement must be signed.

Will my countertops have a seam?

It depends on the size of the countertop. We try to put the seam in the most inconspicuous spot if a seam is required. We also offer different seam options depending on the customer’s preferences.